TonePrint Junkies: OUR STORY


The whole idea of making a community of TonePrint technology users comes from  two extreme pedal nerds Stevan Miljkovic and Marko Jelic.
These guys are also known as Pedals Fusion – YouTube channel revolving around the idea of doing demos and sound samples that will not emphasize the how-to aspect of individual pedals but rather using several pedals to create soundscapes or synthesize sounds in ways that might not occur to people from the get-go. Basically the idea was to unlock the hidden potentials of already amazing pedals, and explore them reaching the boundaries of what they have to offer as sound processors.
It’s not hard to imagine the excitement the advent of TonePrint technology brought to the table then. The futuristic technology propelled new ideas into the mind of Pedals Fusion and they started making videos showcasing the technology and the highly customizable nature of the TonePrints themselves hinted at the idea of a centralized place where people could exchange TonePrints outside of the TC forum.
Being that Pedals Fusion always relied heavily onto social media and communicating with sonic adventurers in a very responsive, almost instant manner – making a dedicated Facebook group seemed like the logical next step.
TonePrint Junkies on Faccebook

Pedals Fusion turned to Tore asking for his blessing and the mighty hammer struck a strong YES on the subject and so TonePrint Junkies was born.
In only a few days the group attracted more than 2000 members, and further continued to expand with the help of TC Electronic community managers giving advice and helping the group in other ways.

A very prominent role in shaping this community is definitely held by Stefan Fast
(TC’s Community Manager & Creative Writer), a man whose talents empowered the group greatly and made it into one of the friendliest pedal-related communities on Facebook, with interesting topics being discussed daily, lots of advices being exchanged and especially the members would enjoy an occasional sneak-peak of a new TC pedal/product before it would be shown anywhere else – sweet!
Today TonePrint Junkies continues on strong as a sanctuary for all pedal-obsessed nerds to discuss every minor detail of their sound, but also as a relaxed and easy-going canvas for anyone to express themselves or ask for advice.


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