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We are very happy for the opportunity to talk to:
Søren Jongberg CEO at CARL MARTIN

– Can you introduce us Carl Martin company ?
[Søren Jongberg] ESR was founded in 1990 as a professional PA sound rental company. Shortly after we began producing custom made audio equipment.

Our goal was from the very beginning to develop and produce products for the demanding professional musician, with a superior sound quality and features not seen on any other guitar effect pedal. As a result of that our first guitar effect pedal, The Hot Drive’n Boost, was introduced in 1993.

Due to our extensive knowledge of the professional music industry, and our contacts with a wide range of demanding musicians, we have been able to maintain a high quality of products and now have a range of 44 high quality guitar effect pedals, with more to come in the future.
In 2005 we released our first point point handmade tube amplifier the Custom Shop 50, the line now includes heads,- cabs as well as a bass system.

– What drew you to music in general? Was there a specific artist or sound that made you want to create ?
[Søren Jongberg] I think in my teen´s we were more or less all drawn to music, especially the people I hang out with, but I have always since child played around music making bands as a kid with friends just for the fun of it.
I got my first real guitar at age 15 though, so in that respect I was a slow starter, back then I had two poster on my wall, John Fogerty and Mick Jagger, later on from 1975 I was very much into Fleetwood Mac in their prime with
Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, still are I think Buckingham was/are a fantastic  producer and guitar player, and that you can say has been a huge influence in my work with Carl Martin, in the way of want to make sonic high quality, and the way we set our own standards.

– How would look your pedalboard composed only of your pedals ?
[Søren Jongberg] It would be based around the Octa-Switch, beginning with the Andy Timmons Signature Comp,- PlexiTone,- AC Tone,- Hot Drive´n Boost MK3,- Noise Terminator,- TremO´vibe,- Chorus XII and DelayLa XL.
With the three drives you cover all styles, and combine the Plexi and HDB MK3 gives the most fantastic lead, the Noise Terminator in Loop 5 will also be controlled by one of the external switches to change between soft or hard all depending of what’s needed.
So with the TremO´vibe, Chorus and DelayLa, and the mentioned drives you got all you can ask for, and in a sound quality second to non.

– Are you a collector of pedal effects, amps or guitars? If you are what is favorite piece of gear that you own?
[Søren Jongberg] No not really, the first pedals we’re created on a Selmer amp, and my SG special from the early seventies, now we have different guitars for test, but I think my old SG remains my favourite, ad of cause our own amp’s, as they are made so I like them 😉

– Carl Martin have collaborations with many great musicians like Andy Timmons for his signature Compressor/Limiter or Pete Thorn for “single chnnel” PlexiTone. Can you tell us more about it and do you have any new collaboration on the way ?
[Søren Jongberg] Pete and I talked about what could suit the PlexiTone in terms of improvement, to make it fit more different amp’s, furthermore Pete has a good and constructive ear, he´s good to nerd tone with.
Andy Timmons has been using CM pedals for many years, especially the comp limiter has always been on his boards, he asked me one day if we could make him one with two preset´s, and funny enough I have been playing around with that idea for some years, so that was really a great thing to do for me, we have the Greg Howe signature pedal the Lick Box coming out soon, it’s a three in one box, with two different drive and boost that capture Greg´s tone.

– Could you briefly describe production of your pedals and what’s the difference between Pro Series and Vintage Series?
[Søren Jongberg] The Pro-Series is the original line handmade here in Denmark, it´s very different from all other pedals, as they has their own built in power supply, that run the electronic +-12V, which gives a lot more headroom compared to conventional
9V pedals, and there the CM trademark tone. The Vintage Series is a more conventional 9V line made in China but developed here in Denmark to meet the requirements we set for our tone.

– What do you thing about mini pedals and do you have plans to produce any ?
[Søren Jongberg] I think it´s going too far now, the size as the Single Plexi is fine, but the even smaller is plain stupid.

– Your TOP 10 pedal effects of all time:
[Søren Jongberg] I don’t know about top 10, but the board described previously pretty much cover this, with the Hot Drive´n Boost MK3 as my all time favourite.

– Do you have any favorite effects combo?
[Søren Jongberg] That would be like our Quattro, simple straight forward and very good tone.

– Some advice or message to all pedal users?
[Søren Jongberg] Determine your need’s, get a good amp for pedals, and think tone and musicality, and keep it simple.

– Can you give us any hints of what we’ll see from Carl Martin in the future?
[Søren Jongberg] The Greg Howe Lick Box is in the pipeline, also we hope to see the 6Pack soon, some Echo’s and Tremolo’s in some different forms is in the pipeline too.

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