Sam Zadgan

The signal chain is:
Federick effects buffer
Wampler Ego Comp
SS/BS F**k OD Mini
BAT Quantum Mystic
BAT Pharaoh
EQD Grand Orbiter
EQD Rainbow Machine
EQD Disaster Transport Snr
EQD Hummingbird
Hardwire DL8
Walrus Audio Descent
TC Ditto
I play in a Doom/Drone project in Sydney Australia, still in it’s infancy and we dont have a drummer or a band name yet, but things are moving along pretty nicely.
The Ego Comp is an always on pedal and adds a little magic to the tone, giving it a bit of thickness but also the sustain that I need as a lot of stuff I play is quite slow with some lengthy gaps, which means the sustain is quite important. The Ego does a really good job, without adding any noise to the signal.
My main dirt sound for high gain is the BAT Quantum Mystic which is just a huge thick distortion with some fuzzyness to it and big bottom end. When i want to use less drive, it’s either the Pharaoh or the Mini OD (which, right now, is probably my favourite OD pedal of all time!)…I rarely stack drive pedals and prefer each pedals tone on its own, and hardly use any other effect, except for short delay and slight reverb.
As far clean passages, this is where all the other effects come into play. The main pedals I use on clean are the Disaster Transport Snr and the Descent. The Descent is by far my favorite pedal, the reverb types and extremes are great and it can be subtle too. There’s nothing better for atmospheric and ambient passages, but just to push it over the edge I will use the Disaster Transport Snr to add just a bit more depth to the sound, and it all just becomes a wash of noise!
For clean passages with less reverb and delay, I will usually use the Grand Orbiter, or Rainbow Machine (with Magic engaged) or the Hummingbird. The Hummingbird I set before the delay pedal so I can feed the delay signals into the trem aswell, and get some really interesting repeats.
It can get bit tap-dancy with some clean passages as certain effects are combined but I try not over complicate things to ensure that the parts remain musical and the effects are only there to make things a little bit more interesting.
I post a lot of pics on my instagram page which is:

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  • Justin


    Mmmm Pharaoh Fuzz… 😀 I’ve been wanting a custom one, haha (a purple one w/ black old-style graphics, and blacklight/purple LED)! I wonder how it’d sound with my TAM10 8-string?

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