Rob Leishman – Boy Breaking Glass – pedalboard


My board.

This board is used for my main band. Boy Breaking Glass
I also use it for some 2 piece side projects and post rocky things. And finally, I use this board for bass too, I have one bank for that, pretty simple, comp from the h9, muff and chorus/filtering.
Here are some example of my board in action…
The first bit before the band comes in is all me, guitar and footpedal synth.
River Run – live

There’s some Microsynth on this one.

Better truths – live

Cascading delays are fun.
Cocoon – live

I use a Reverend Reeves 2 as my main guitar, a Fender J5 Triple Tele, and a Eastwood sidekick baritone.
My amps are a Matchless Clubman with 2×10 cab
(for louder gigs and recording I use a 2×12 best cab) and a Dr Z Maz 38r.
I set my amps just below breakup, everything is before the amps.
I run the Moog Taurus 3 into a Roland keyboard amp and PA.
Board routing.
Templeboard input a
Xotic EP booster – always on with rare exception.
Boss es8 input 1
Loop 1 EHX POG2
Loop 2 EHX Bass Microsynth
Loop 3 EQD Dunes
Loop 4 Boss SD-2 dual overdrive – set to remote switch
Loop 5 Triangle Muff
Loop 6 Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl – midi controlled via
an Empress midibox
Loop 7 Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas – midi controlled via
an Empress midibox
Loop 8 Eventide H9 – stereo return
Boss ES8 stereo outs
Pigtronix Echolution Deluxe 2
Eventide H9
Right output to a Matchless clubman, Left output to a Dr Z Maz 38
*Hotone Soulpress is use as expression for one H9 and Echolution.*
Midi routing
Boss ES8 – master controller
Midi Solutions Quadra thru
Output 1 to Pigtronix echolution (ch1)
Output 2 to Eventide H9 (ch2)
Output 3 to Eventide H9 (ch3)
Output 4 to Empress Midibox
Empress Midibox
Thru out to Moog Taurus 3 (ch7)
Output 1 to Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl (ch 5)
Output 2 to Chase Bliss Audio Gravitas (ch4)
H9 midi thru to a click for my drummer.
Moog Taurus midi thru to my keyboard player for tempo.
**for my two piece stuff I daisy chain the Moog to a Microkorg and a Dave Smith mopho (ch 6 and 8). In this setup I use a Keith McMillan 12 step to control the Mircokorg for pads, the pedal board is used to select banks and send tempo.**
I have an Eventide Power Factor 2 and a Powertrain 1250 under the board.
Temple board
Is a T34, this is an older model board and it suits my needs. I use zip ties for the power supplies and some pedals, I don’t fully trust the tape.
The pedals
Hotone Soulpress
I use this as an expression pedal, the one criticism I have is that there is only one output on this pedal. It would be nice if there was a separate out for expression so I could still use it as a wha and volume without re routing the cabling. The sweep takes time to get used to but the wha is excellent.
Xotic ep booster
Not much to say about this, it makes everything better, I finally got one of these and wonder what took me so long to get one. The difference it makes is astounding. I have mine set for unity and the bright on. I will most likely get this modded so it’s alway on at unity and by pressing the footswitch I get a boost.
Boss ES8
I can’t say how much I love this unit, I’ve used tons of midi controllers and bypass loopers in the past and the ES8 out performs them all. Being able to change loop order and create parallel routings is pure magic. The midi capability is second to none. The only criticism I have is the lack of good documentation, certain programming limitations and a lack utility functions, and no ability to send a start/stop clock message.
I use my POG mainly for a cocked boost (dry all up all other sliders down) this is my favourite thing about the POG, sounds awesome and can add a percussive sound to my playing.
Preset 1 is just a transparent boost.
Preset 2 is a boost with the Q filter set to a cocked treble boost.
Preset 3 is a boost with the Q filter set to a cocked high-mid boost.
Preset 4 is a boost with the Q filter set to a cocked mid boost
Preset 5 is an auto swell with no octaves
Preset 6 is an auto swell with a bit of +and- octave
Preset 7 is an auto swell with a bit of all octaves
Preset 8 is a -1 octave metal generation machine
EHX Bass Microsynth
The best fuzz/crazy lead sound pedal in the world, this is my secret weapon. I use it for a nasty leads, swells, filtering and low octave sound. I dream of a new version with presets.
EQD Dunes
This is a very new acquisition and quickly knocked the Soulfood off my board, I’ve never been a tubescreamer guy but I am now.
Boss SD-2 dual overdrive
I bought this for $35 off craigslist. I a/b’d it against and ocd and plimsoul and the red channel won. What I love about this pedal is I can switch the channel it’s on with the ES8 control out giving me 2 pedals in 1. I set the green to a mild crunch/tone and the red to a screaming lead tone.
Triangle Muff
Another craigslist find, $80, I don’t know who made it, I’m not sure what the toggle switch does but it sounds awesome on ether setting. This destroys ever other muff I’ve tried.
Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl and Gravitas
I can’t express how much I love these pedals, a along awesomeness with midi support. These are a huge part of my sound and worth every penny. Joel is hands down the best pedal designer out there, these pedals are what pedals should be…
The Gravitas also works as a great boost/tone pedal, the harmonic trem is a very cool sound.
Eventide H9
A high quality Swiss Army knife. Some people don’t like the H9 for different reasons, I’m not one of them. If there is and effect I want, I can make it and save it with the H9. I often do sound exploring with these guys and create new songs, they are inspiring pedals. I have a max and a core.
Pigtronix Echolution Deluxe 2
The best analog – midi controllable pedal on the market. Sure its not a Memory man or Echoec but it gets close enough for me and I can save presets, and sync it to bpm.
Pedal combos
I look at pedals this way.
Pedals that change the base tone, ie POG, Microsynth, fuzz, od…
Pedals that effect tone, ie mods, filters.
Pedals the add to the notes played, ie delay and reverb.
Because of this I tend to set specific pedals with others here are some of my favourite combos
1) super synths and leads.
Tone generation – POG, Microsynth, Fuzz (volume on guitar turned down)
Synthy magic – warped vinyl to add vibrato, h9 for filter, chorus, flange, harmony…
Delay, delay and reverb.
2) pitched delay – harmonized delays into an other delay is pure magic the h9 excels at this. I use the warped vinyl to “Eq” the pitched delays so they are warmer.
3) warped vinyl/tape flutter/vibrato after reverb and delay = boards of Canada
4) alway boost in front of the Microsynth
5) POG for swells into stereo delays or reverbs
6) triple stereo delays. Because everything is synced to tempo on my board I can make very interesting cascaded delay sounds. On a song called cocoon I have a first delay set to dotted 1/4 on the right and dotted 1/8 on the left both feedback about 5 times, the next delay is a whole note delay on the right and 1/2 note on the left with a feedback of 4 times. This creates a very rhythmic delay pattern that fills up the song nicely. I also run a subtle trem reverb in front of the delays at on point in the song to create more ambience.
7) od and boosts with trem = fun.
An older version of my board but this is the usual setup on stage.
My guitars
Boy Breaking Glass – promo shot

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