Stereo-Direct Pedalboard by Ryan Schultz


Hi, my name is Ryan. I’m a husband of one and a father of five. I serve as the worship team ministry leader for Crossway Chapel Fox Valley in North Aurora, IL. When I’m not leading our church body in praise and worship of our Lord Jesus Christ, I’m playing electric guitar!

Besides being a guitarist and musician, I am also an engineer by day and electronics tech by night. I love fixing guitars, tweaking amps and pretty much anything to do with pedals. I’ve modded pedals, built complete pedals from kits and even built a few of my own. I mean, what’s NOT to love? You can make your guitar sound like just about anything you want… simply by pressing a button with your foot! How cool is that?

As for my board, it’s been a work in progress over the years. The goal is for our band to create or reproduce modern contemporary Christian music… and a big part of that is a modern sounding electric guitar. There’s really not much room for distortion or fuzz, and really no need for blazing guitar solos. The electric guitar plays a part, one piece of the pie. Good overdriventone and the appropriate effects are just as important to that sound as what my fingers play. And this pedalboard helps me accomplish that.

I change my lineup as often as anyone… but here’s the batting order for today’s game
(in order of signal path):


The Coaching Staff:

1. T1M mini buffer – everyone needs a buffer as the first pedal in their chain.

2. Turbo Tuner ST-300m – best tuner available, bar NONE.

The Infield:

3. Wampler Euphoria – the artist formerly known as Ecstasy. Great variety of tone from smooth and clean to crunch to mild fuzz. Works well for thick chord work, very versatile with the three mode switches.

4. Barber Gain Changer – Amazing OD, covers a lot of ground. The gain and clipping switches give a ton of tonal options.

5. PaulC Audio Timmy – This guy has a mythology all his own. The EQ controls on Timmy are absolutely the best. Sometimes I use it as an EQ tone shaper.

6. Ibanez Tubescreamer – Classic mid-hump TS tone, and I love the mini formfactor.

Team Captain and DH:

7. Shift-line TWIN preamp – from St. Petersburg, Russia! Based on the ‘65 Fender Twin combo amp, it converts a 64 lb combo amp to a 1.3 lb pedal. My base tone, the AMP in this direct setup. Since our stage is small and we can’t use amps, this preamp makes it sound like a real tube amp. Did I mention there is a Tung-Sol 12ax7 preamp tube in there? No wonder it sounds so great! Any overdrive pedals go before the amp, all time-based effects go after; which is similar to using an effects loop. It has a speaker simulator switch as well as a bright switch. In direct setups, having the speaker simulation before time-based effects is better than after.

The Outfield, in Stereo:

8. Strymon DIG –A recent addition, still learning about this one. I love the Golden Ratio mode and circular repeats! This splits the signal from mono into stereo, and all pedals afterwards are stereo effects.

9. Strymon Timeline – batting cleanup and undoubtedly the MVP of this team. It is on 95% of the time. I create a preset for every song with tap tempo dialed in. One bank for each song, A and B presets give me two separate presets per song. Different parts of the song may call for a different delay type/pattern, etc. If not, swells are great! Seriously, the combination of the 12 different availablealgorithms, in stereo, combined with 100 presets, tap and MIDI all add up to awesomeness. If I could only afford ONE pedal, this would be it.

10. Strymon blueSky – great all purpose reverb. I set the Favorite to a modulated room setting for ambient stuff, while the main Bypass is set for an “always on” general purpose plate or room reverb.

11. Neunaber Wet + EXP – Huge, deep, spaceous, plush, cavernous; what Neunaber has done is pretty cool. Through the Neunaberpedal customizer, there are 7 reverbs, 3 shimmers, 4 choruses, 6 Echo’s and 2 infinity hold options to choose from – and more to come! For me, I just stick to the verbs. The EXP is great, I’ll setup 3-4 different verbs in the 4 available Effects locations. Then setup the presets as Min and Max and pan between themthrough the Morph jack of the EXP. The Wet is the last effect in the chain… because you put reverb last, but also because if I ever need to go mono it will sum the stereo signals to mono.


The Ground Crew:

12. Both left and right channels end through the Mooer Micro DI’s; XLR outputs to the sound system. These two channels are panned hard right and hard left in the PA to get the full stereo effect in the sanctuary.

AMT EX-50 Expression Pedal – Controls the Morph on the WET + EXP. Really awesome way to do reverb.
Disaster Area DCM-3XL Gen 2 – MIDI controller for the Timeline, usually in preset mode. It can also control the Timeline looper.
Ernie Ball VP – Setup as an expression pedal for the Timeline. About 1/3 of the presets I setup use the expression pedal to control the mix or repeats knob.
– The red box to the left of the DIG is a DIY Favorite switch I made for the DIG.
– This board is built on a Pedaltrain Pro and is powered by a Voodoo Mondo power supply.

Ready in the Bull Pen:

TC Electronics Flashback x4. This was my main (and only) delay for 3 years. Tap, Tone Prints and 3 presets make this a great delay for the money.This board is also used by other guitarists too. For those who don’t want the complexity of the Strymon delays, the FBx4 is simple to use yet very effective.

Next on the List:

DB Instruments 4E Dual Axis Expression Pedal. This will replace both expression pedals currently in use. Up-Down will control the Wet, while Left-Right will control the Timeline.

Other Gear:

My main guitar is a Gretsch 5422. Our church uses an Allen & Heath GLD80 digital console, and we use ME-1 personal monitor mixes on stage. The orange box holds Westone ear buds. For music, I use an iPad running OnSong controlled by an AirTurn footpedal.



If you have questions about my setup or gear, feel free to reach me on, my alias is rpschultz13.

I’m always happy to talk gear or anything else related to modern contemporary Christian music!

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