Old Blood Noise Endeavors Announces Fault Overdrive / Distortion Pedal

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An effects pedal with ample options for shaping tone and gain, the Fault Overdrive/Distortion is the newest pedal in the Old Blood Noise Endeavors lineup. Expanding on the attitude of their particular takes on delay, reverb, chorus, and fuzz, the Fault gives players a multi-tool to create or augment their core drive sound. From sparkly boost to aggressive distortion, this is the dirt pedal players didn’t even realize they needed.

See the Fault in action:

The Fault features:

  • Volume and Gain 1 controls for overdrive with ample volume boost available
  • Footswitchable second gain stage with additional Gain 2 control for fully saturated distortion
  • A three band active EQ that boosts or cuts lows at 100Hz, mids around 500Hz, and highs above 3kHz
  • True bypass switching
  • Standard 9VDC center negative power with low current draw (31 mA)

The Fault Overdrive/Distortion is the drive you didn’t even know you needed. It can push your amp over the edge, provide a sensitive drive for a clean signal, or act as an all out distortion for your chugging rhythms or singing leads or noise experiments.

The art on the Fault was created by Evan M. Cohen of Beacon, NY.

The Fault Overdrive/Distortion is available for $199 at select stores worldwide and directly from Old Blood at oldbloodnoise.com.



00315---Old-Blood---Fault---Product-Photo---For-Web-01.0 Cropped.jpg

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