My experimental spacey board – Trent De La Cruz

I use this setup for everything from recording my solo music, to playing at church, to playing in the experimental synthy-electronica-dolphin-pop band I play in.
Signal Chain:
MXR Dyna Comp > 1983 Vox Wah > Matthews Effects IC Buffer (Under Pedalboard) > Heise Guitar Craft Custom Sputter Fuzz > Nux Drive Core (for Boost) > Electro Harmonix Soul Food (Self Modded) > Fulltone Fulldrive 2 MOSFET > Ernie Ball VPjr (Polytune in tuner out) > Vox Delaylab > Nux Time Force (for slapback and looping) > Strymon Bigsky > Fender Pawnshop Vaporizer and/or Fender Blues Deluxe Reissue
Processed with VSCOcam with e6 preset
I mainly use my Compressor for ambient stuff as well as leads, it adds a nice chime to my tone, the Wah I use for filtering and occasionally some funky “Chicka Chicka Wah Wah” Sounds, the Sputter Fuzz was custom built for me by my friends at Heise Guitar Craft. It’s a great nasty fuzz that I use for everything from rocking fuzz to ambient fuzzy swells.
The Drive Core I only use for it’s boost, currently I’m having another pedal built by Heise Guitar Craft to replace it, but right now it’s there.
The Soul Food I modded the clipping diodes myself, to 1n4a germanium diodes, much creamier than the silicone ones.
The Fulldrive is my heavier drive and I also use the boost for extra distortion for more shoegazey stuff.
I placed my volume pedal in the middle to make my swells more even, and because of my buffer towards the beginning of my chain I can run the tuner out without any big signal loss.So my delays are very simple actually, I use the Delaylab for my ambient delays to help my swells, and then I use the Time Force for it’s internal looper as well as the modulation for fake chorus sounds and for slapbacks, And the Bigsky I use for every reverb from trashy spring reverbs to beautiful lush modulated wet reverbs. Honestly the best setup I could ever imagine.
The board I’m using is a PedalPad MKS-XL, using the included PowerPad power supply, with my digital pedals running on a powerstrip plugged into the wonderful courtesy outlet underneath the board with their own original power adapters. I use it for lots of swells or making spacescapes, and making drones and awesomeness. A year ago I could never imagine having this great setup but I’m honestly quite blessed to have this.

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