Little Minty Buzzbox

The “Little Minty Buzzbox”
Well basically I have been doing all my own gear repairs for many years. Over the last 2 years I’ve dabbled in modding some pedals. I started with a ts9 tube screamer. The first mod I tried was to change the curciut to 808 specs. 2 resistors, pretty simple. Then I modded a cheap rouge delay pedal, built a kit from scratch, and failed. Modded some more stuff… etc
Then I decided I needed to make something everyone would find cool, and could afford. After months of building pedals and fixing friends gear, I stumbled on a super simple circuit, that I could potentially make a small profit on. I am unemployed in a small town living in my moms basement, so I needed some way to support my hobby, and myself. So I decided to build a 9v amplifier.
I tried the ruby amp the cricket,a punch amp, etc.. then I found an old classic, the little smokey!
Its from the 80s, it has killer tone, it does a lot of stuff you’d never imagine and it’s made with 3 components. So the circuit is fairly easy and cheap.
I’m not at all geting rich off these, because they do take some time to build, but I do have an income now. and supplies to get my hobby to the next level.
I’m no different from anyone of you that has taken apart something, and are able to figure out how it works. its about dedication, and patients.
My goal is to make more and more circuits that everyone can afford.
I decided to mount them inside of Altoid tins because I knew those would catch on. And I really want to see my builds become popular for pedalboard freaks!
Some other builds i will be doing next are, fuzz, buffer, foot switch, aby, boost, and dirt. Then ill move on to some more complex circuits. for now, my builds will start @ $20-$40 for a completely hand built point to point circuit.
Made by my own 2 hands. All in the pursuit of the “american dream”.

Jimi Reed

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