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PT Mini RapCo cables--5-2017

I’m a Board-Certified Music Therapist and guitar instructor, working with students with special needs.
I’ve saved up/been gifted various pedals for my compact board, which allows me to use my 7- and 8-string guitars in Jazz, Ambient, and Rock/Metal muses.  🙂

PT Mini RapCo cables--5-2017

MAD PROFESSOR Fire Red Fuzz – BLACK CAT PEDALS mini trem – CAROLINE GUITAR COMPANY Kilobyte Lo-Fi delay – BOSS RV3 digital reverb/delay

I run this through my old Peavey Bandit 112, and it sounds killer.  \m/

As far as my board goes, it’s the “biggest” one I’ve had.  I had an EQD Depths on there for a time, and liked it, but then I heard a Drybell Vibe Machine, and I sold the Depths to pay some bills and eventually save up for a Vibe Machine.  If I ever get a Vibe Machine, it’ll go first in the chain, before the Fire Red Fuzz.
My other pedals all go into the effects loop.

I used to love Metal, but I’ve been into clean, Ambient, slow Fusion / Cool Jazz-inspired, and “Djent”-ish music for awhile.  I love composing riffs and especially cool chord progressions, and my technique now is mostly played with fingers rather a pick, which I use more for lead ideas.

My RV-3 I’ve had since 2000, and it’s my, “always on,” pedal–either the Plate or Hall settings.  The Fire Red Fuzz was a happy experimental find at a small music store, where I originally went in to try a ThroBack Strangemaster, and it ended up not being my cup of tea.  The guy brought out the Mad Professor pedal, and I was hooked.  It was extremely silky, sustain-y, and had wonderful tones, unlike other harsher fuzzes.  It sounds fab with my RG7620 7-string and my TAM10 8-string: the higher strings are smooth and warm, and the low B and F# strings sound like a sweet bass with a nice amount of dirt.  The most important element I think was that I can play all the crazy Jazz chords I love, and the complexities all come through–an F#7b5 sounds as good as an A13b9#5, as good as a Dm11b5, and so forth, haha!

My Black Cat Mini-Trem was a gift from my brother, because I had always wanted a great tremolo pedal.  Secretly, I bought it to impress my girlfriend, because she loved Surf music and Jazz, and I wanted to play her things I composed and have it sound all Surf-y and sultry, haha!  My Kilobyte Delay was also a gift from girlfriend, who saved up for it for me as a Winter Solstice present.  It’s such a warm, delicious, dreamy-sounding pedal.  I’ve tried it both in the effects loop (more tamed and not as much grit-sounding) as well as straight in the chain (you can hear more of the grit on the repeats, and the tones are a bit more wash-y).

My Peavey Bandit 112 was an amp I bought used after working a summer job back in 2001.  I got it for $200.  It was definitely a well-cared-for amp, and it’s been my only amp ever since.  Some knock on solid-state, but for my sounds, it works quite nicely: the cleans are always clean, and the distortion on it is as varied as whatever I’m feeling like: wonderful, light overdrive (Way Huge Pork Loin-esque), medium-gain driven tones (Fulltone OCD-eqsue?), and the metal sounds are superbly well-balanced.  There is never a bad sound from it.

Peace always,
Justin Krampert, MT-BC

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