JHS Pedals – Angry Charlie V3 |review|


A lot of “classic” songs were played through legendary amp : Marshall JCM800

Yes it’s very specific and warm distortion sound and pedal builders made pedal simulation of that “special sounding” amp. You can’t afford JCM amp ? No problem you can buy the  pedal and you’re good to go.
The original Angry Charlie had four knobs: Volume, Drive, Presence and Tone. While this was a pleasing arrangement, the V3 offers a full three-band EQ.

The Angry Charlie makes conjuring British high-gain tones a breeze, delivering the rich bass response, thick mids, and balanced high end you’d expect from a hot-rodded Marshall.

JHS Angry Charlie V3 Features:

  • New in V3: active three-band EQ
  • Perfectly emulates a dimed JCM800
  • True bypass
  • Made in USA
  • Standard 9v center-negative power operation (adapter not included)

Very verstile and easy to use pedal. Watch our YouTube demos and you’ll see a full potential of this “must have” little red box.

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