J Bielski – pedalboard for noisy grungy looping

20150911_163448 (1)
I use this rig for noisy grungy looping.
Signal Chain
Guitar ( thinline tele or 57 avri )> EHX Big Muff Pi > Function F(x) Clusterfuzz > Montreal Assembly Count To Five >Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl >Earthquaker Devices Disaster Transport > EB Volume Pedal >Pierce Custom Takezo/Ennio  ( red llama on one side fuzzrite clone on the other ) > EHX Deluxe Memory Boy ( highly underrated analog delay ) >  Digitech DL8 > Boss RV2 >AMP
20150911_163448 (1)
( The DL8 and CT5 may soon swap positions )
After leaving the board the signal goes first into a 32 second jamman rack and then into a lexicon vortex
Amps are an early 80’s Bassman 20 and a 1960 Tweed Vibrolux
The MPC500 is a new addition for  bringing in dirty drum loops and noise wash samples, etc. The MIDI out will eventually control the length of the active loop on the jamman.

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