Guillaume Jacques

Signal chain :
Guitar (Stratocaster) > One Control Chamaeleo Tail Loop MKII (programmable switcher) > Mad Professor Royal Blues Overdrive > Vemuram Jan Ray > Free the Tone SOV-2 > Lovepedal Zendrive Gold Limited Edition Gold > Buffer > Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay > TC Electronic Ditto Looper > Lehle Little Dual : output A goes in a ’66 Fender Deluxe Reverb with a JBL D120F ; output B goes in a ’66 Fender Pro Reverb with EVM12L.
The pedalboard is wired with Evidence Audio Monorail cables.
The One Control Chamaeleo Looper is used to bypass the pedals I dont use.
I use the Royal Blues Overdrive as an always ON clean boost when I want a clean tone. I use the Vemuram Jan Ray for low gain rythm or low gain leads.
I use the Free the Tone SOV-2 mostly for leads with a bit more gain then the Vemuram Jan Ray.
The Zendrive is set for having more gain then the Jan Ray and the SOV-2 (medium gain).
Mad Professor recommend to not put a buffer in front of the Royal Blue Overdrive to preserve the dynmic of the pedal. So I decide to place the buffer after the overdrives, just before the Deep Blues Delay. I use the delay with a slapback setting wich is ON almost all the time.
The Ditto Lopper is placed after the One Control Chamaeleo Switcher, that mean the ouput of the Chamaeleo goes in the Ditto. The Ditto goes in the Lehle ABY Box wich splitt the signal to my 2 Blackfaces amps.
I always play both amps at the same time (in stereo). I dont really stack my pedals as each of my pedals are set to have a bit more gain then the previous one (Royal Blues Overdrive is set clean, Jan Ray with low gain, SOV-2 for low/medium gain, Zendrive for medium gain).
Favorite pedals combinaison (2) : Jan Ray & Deep Blue for slapback, SOV-2 & Deep Blue with slapback setting.
I mostly play blues music. My Inlfuences are Stevie Ray Vaughan and John Mayer. Like them I like clean/low gain tone. I dont have a band but I gig with friends of mine.

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  • Jakob


    Hey Gium. Did you change the grillcloth on your fenders?
    I cant help to notice your pedalboard looks a mix of michael scofield / robben ford and not srv / mayer any thoughts on that. I kust bought the ms sov, different but great sounding pedal.

  • Justin


    Hey, fellow Mad Professor-er! 😉 How do you dig the Royal Blue OD? I’m a Fire Red Fuzz enjoyer. \m/ It sounds surprisingly well with my 7 and 8 string guitars. 🙂

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