Evidence Audio cables: “…our secret !”


When it comes to a problem with your pedalboard, first rule is :


Interesting fact in every gear talk about guitar icon David Gilmour is discussion about pedal effects that he used, missing out one big influence on his tone:
Evidence Audio cables.


All Evidence Audio cables are designed with one purpose:
to affect your tone as little as possible.

Sure, there are cheaper cables available, but Evidence Audio is a prime example of you getting exactly what you pay a little more for. If you’re using some cheap patch cables there’s a big possibility for crackling or loss of tone sooner or later.

It’s not by accident that rig builders like Custom Pedal Boards or The GigRig use them.

The SIS (Screw In Solderless) is a premium cable solution for anyone serious about how their pedalboard should sound. You can use long cable runs all over your pedalboard, with no pain.

The SIS concept is simple enough, as you can see in this video :


If you care as much about your tone as pro musician such as :
David Gilmour, Billy Corgan or Ed O’Brien you should give them a listen.

Evidence Audio offer the finest Musical Instrument and studio cables available.

Check them out !

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