EarthQuaker Devices – Spires fuzz


Many “tone chasers” are looking for their perfect drive pedal, all the time. I was lucky,  my first time with EarthQuaker Devices – Spires at MusikMesse 2016 was “that special moment”… you know when you hearing the tone in your head for a long time and now it’s here in front of you, yes in that beautiful  box.
Happiness, smile and trill are real ! 2 fuzz in 1 box and both are super cool.
The fact that EarthQuaker Devices mastermind Jamie Stillman has made that pedal for his needs gives you an extra punch and Spires value start to rises in you eyes.

For newbies :

Spires has 2 channels for 2 different type of fuzz – Rosac Nu Fuzz & EQD Dream Crusher
How does it sounds ? Here’s our demo, enjoy !



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