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Arpanoid is not ordinary pedal effect. It’s a wild, unique & awesome device for all sonic explorers. If you’re traditionalist you may not like it, but everything changes and even the people themselves.
Polyphonic and synthish sounds can be beautiful if you learn to use it “like an instrument”.

Is it good with dirt pedals ? No it’s amazing with dirt pedals. Put your fuzz before it and give it a try.
We also like to combine it with phaser, delay and reverb.

For those who don’t want to lose control over Arpanoid : just reduce Step & Rate
You can use it in so many ways … don’t be affraid to experiment.

Here’s the video with few ideas :


Random mode can be useful and fun, you can tame “anarchy of sounds” if you reduce Wet knob – logically.
Every noise maker should possess Arpanoid although people use it successfully in other genres too. My good friend can’t imagine his “ambient setup” without this special pedal.

If you like Arpanoid, you can buy it HERE

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