Custom Pedal Boards #3

From our friends at Custom Pedal Boards:
My Bloos Mood Board. Decided to keep it simple, no loop switcher just a few choice fx. As is the way of these things I got a bit carried away and ended up squeezing in more effects than I planned. But man it sounds so goooooood! 🙂

Started off when I got the CC2, added the RMC picture wah, loved it, the classic combo! thought i could do with adding a couple more fx, so decided to build a vintage style blues jam board around those 2 fx.

Kinda got a bit carried away as the plan was to keep it small! ended up being 600mm x 330mm!


Love the Keely GC-2 comp, the EHX C9 is awesome, as is the TC Electronics ditto and mini polytune.

The other 3 great fx here are a Rangemaster Treblebooster, a Valve OD and the amazing SIB Echodrive.

under the hood we have a Mini Buffer (which really helps keep that signal alive!) and a Cioks AC-10 power supply as the valve od and CC2 need AC power.

Patched together with CPB van-damme soldered cables with the odd Evidence Audio SIS where space was a bit tight due to trying to squeeze on more than originally planned.

Now I can Jam along to myself, setting some chords on the ditto with the C9 organ sounds and get my Allmans on! Might try and figure out how to fit something like a Pitchfork or there to get the bass lines in there, but i can kinda do that with the organ sounds on the C9.


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