Chase Bliss Audio – Tonal Recall analog delay |review|


Chase Bliss Audio made analog design pedals with digital control – we all know that but what does it mean ?
Simple: Analog nature of pedal is not effected and digital  control gives us more possibilities, more sounds, more control without unwanted issues.
Joel Korte is the mastermind behind this special devices and he doesn’t create traditional pedal effects with his approach he’s pushing pedal industry forward but also the music itself.

Tonal Recall is a”big deal” for pedal nerds because it’s built around a pair of re-issued versions of the legendary MN3005 bucket-brigade delay chips.
Those chips are extremely rare and were used for legendary EHX Deluxe Memory Man analog delay witch is well know for it’s unique organic sound…pure analog heaven.

This modern pedal has tap tempo, external dipswitches, MIDI control, optional bypass with trails, expression control over any parameter,the ability to save presets and a cool name (the famous movie from the 80’s is on my mind).

What else do you need ? 3 different wave forms of modulation – it’s there !
Did anyone mention pedalboard friendly size of the box ?

Like every Chase Bliss Audio pedal, Tonal Recall comes with a wonderul wooden box and there’s the reason:

 It’s the true treasure we all want to possess


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