Frank Garay Guitarist for Super Mega Everything


Here’s my deal… Frank Garay Guitarist for Super Mega Everything Vacaville, California Main Guitars: 1.  Carvin SH-550 2.  Gibson ES-335 Pedal Board components and chain: 1.  Boss Volume Pedal 2.  Vox Wah 3.  Korg Tuner 4.  Mooer Yellow Compressor 5.  Mooer Flex Boost 6.  Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Pedal 7.  Electro Harmonix B9 Signal comesContinue Reading



Signal path is as follows: Exotic effect wah > Crest audio era fuzz face > Rockbox Boiling point > Chase bliss audio Wombtone mk2 > EH Pitchfork > Dr. Scientist Comichorus > Toneczar & Angel baby > Fulltone Supa-trem > Red Panda Context > Earthquaker Devices Afterneth > TC ditto looper X2   With thisContinue Reading

Michael Moschos


I use this rig when playing live or recording with my band pulse. ( and writing music at home. I didn’t want to have everything I could (as on some of my previous boards), but I wanted to have the best pedals I could get for the sounds I had in my mind.   My board is aContinue Reading

Casper Rossing


My name is Casper and I have a post-rock / ambient solo project called Dotlights. I released my debut EP last year and am currently writing and recording new stuff for my second EP, which I hope to release this fall. My pedalboard is the result of trying a lot of different stuff (especially delays)Continue Reading

Nolan Soltvedt


My name is Nolan Soltvedt and I serve as a church worship leader in Minneapolis and also have a pop/americana-influenced solo project under the name Nolan John. Two years ago, I released my debut solo EP called City Lights. After years of trying various pedals, I’ve arrived at this setup. My always-on pedal is theContinue Reading