David Yaussy


Power Voodoo Labs Mondo Accessories Two in and out jacks (Neutric Connectors) from Black Bird Pedal Boards Ebay Led’s Las Vegas mint tin for picks Signal Chain Walrus Audio Deep Six Compressor, Ernie Ball MVP, TC Electronic Poly Tune Mini Noir on the tuner out, Rockett Pedals Archer, JHS Morning Glory, JHS SuperBolt, JHS Moonshine,Continue Reading

Guillaume Jacques


Signal chain : Guitar (Stratocaster) > One Control Chamaeleo Tail Loop MKII (programmable switcher) > Mad Professor Royal Blues Overdrive > Vemuram Jan Ray > Free the Tone SOV-2 > Lovepedal Zendrive Gold Limited Edition Gold > Buffer > Mad Professor Deep Blue Delay > TC Electronic Ditto Looper > Lehle Little Dual : outputContinue Reading

Tom Purpura


Hello! My name is Tommy and I am a 54-year-old guitarist from Florida. I play in cover bands for the most part and this is the description of my pedalboard. The board has almost endless options for “dialing in” a specific artist or song’s tone. I will try to break down some of the highlights: Although theContinue Reading

Frank Garay Guitarist for Super Mega Everything


Here’s my deal… Frank Garay Guitarist for Super Mega Everything Vacaville, California Main Guitars: 1.  Carvin SH-550 2.  Gibson ES-335 Pedal Board components and chain: 1.  Boss Volume Pedal 2.  Vox Wah 3.  Korg Tuner 4.  Mooer Yellow Compressor 5.  Mooer Flex Boost 6.  Wampler Triple Wreck Distortion Pedal 7.  Electro Harmonix B9 Signal comesContinue Reading