Custom Pedal Boards: Adam Goldsmith


Heres another one board from our frends at Custom Pedal Boards. It’s for Adam Goldsmith, top session player. Adam’s work has featured on albums worldwide with sales totalling in the millions and TV shows and films with audience figures well into the tens of millions. He has worked with artists from Elton John toContinue Reading

Custom Pedal Boards #1


Here’s nice little small hendrix style Custom Pedal Board based around 1 of our little 4x loop switchers, Jam pedals wah, fuzz, vibe, Fulltone octafuzz, TC mini poly tune and a Mooer reecho. actually probably the smallest hinged tier we’ve made, very cute! CPB 4x Loop Switcher (with silent switching relays) PB-1 CPBContinue Reading

Hunor Tube Pedals


I’m a blues&rock guitarist from Hungary. We with my friend started developing Hunor Tube Pedals last year. I don’t need a lot of pedals. Two overdrives, delay, booster, sometimes tremolo and chorus. Our tube chorus pedal is under developing now, so if I need chorus, I use Boss CH-1. This pedals are hand-maded and theContinue Reading