Little Minty Buzzbox


The “Little Minty Buzzbox” Well basically I have been doing all my own gear repairs for many years. Over the last 2 years I’ve dabbled in modding some pedals. I started with a ts9 tube screamer. The first mod I tried was to change the curciut to 808 specs. 2 resistors, pretty simple. Then IContinue Reading

Custom Pedal Boards #3


From our friends at Custom Pedal Boards: My Bloos Mood Board. Decided to keep it simple, no loop switcher just a few choice fx. As is the way of these things I got a bit carried away and ended up squeezing in more effects than I planned. But man it sounds so goooooood! 🙂 StartedContinue Reading

Custom Pedal Boards #2


From our friends at Custom Pedal Boards, heres another board for u. Featuring an Loop Switcher wired up with lots and lots of Evidence Audio Monorail and SIS connectors to a Custom Pedal Boards custom patch box to goto 2 amps and their fx loops. A lot of Analog Man Guitar Effects and T-RexContinue Reading