Coffee & Riffs – Nick Reinhart episode


Great improvisations, a bunch of cool pedals & pure passion…yeah, I talking about “Coffee & Riffs” videos. Who doesn’t love them ?! Brady Smith is “the man” behind that project, bringing us very interesting guests.This time it’s Nick Reinhart with his crazy, chaotic &  ingenious music. Why is this episode so interesting to us ?Continue Reading

No guitar, just pedals…sound manipulation

Bond5 negative

Have you ever tried playing your effects without an instrument,  using only your hands ? I’m not talking about those valiant noise makers, no, this is what I mean by that: Here we have a very talented guy named Evert Zeevalkink , a great musician. A couple of words from this video’s description: “Warning: no guitars wereContinue Reading

I Love RING Modulators


ONE RING TO RULE THEM ALL…OR TWO ! “What the hell is that sound?” It might sound weird, it might sound wrong, but in right hands it will sound awesome & cool. Ring modulators are not for the faint of heart. It can be really annoying. But the bell-like, sci-fi oscillations of the effect canContinue Reading