Red Panda – PARTICLE | review |


This is something special… if you’re looking something more than “just a delay” Particle is perfect for you. Crazy LFO, shimmering repeats, neat glitchy delays, oscillations, pitch shifts, detune, reverse delay and much more. Red Panda makes “deep” pedals: once you enter you might get lost and it’s wonderful. OK, I’ll repeat what others haveContinue Reading

Invasion of Pitch Shifters


Effect like a pitch shifter can easily sound weird, but also useful & very exciting. You can create melody,  add some space fx or unexpected sounds to your song if you use it with “your head”. They are not just a “plug ‘n play” pedals, but real fun will start when you learn how toContinue Reading

Chase Bliss Audio GRAVITAS | review |


My first impression: “Wow, that sound ! Best analog tremolo I‘ve ever heard.” Joel Corte from the Chase Bliss Audio is one of the best pedal builders of today without any doubt. Modern pedal in standard sized enclosure, possibility to save 2 presets, tap tempo, MIDI control, EXP control, dip switches on the fly…DIGITAL BRAIN,ANALOGContinue Reading

In quest for a “good reverb” ?


Some people likes reverb from their amp, but for pedal nerd like me that’s not enough. I want more…different types, more options & more control, because if you wanna modern sound you have to follow innovations that come to us almost every day. Of course different peoples – different needs. If you’re in quest forContinue Reading