Signal path is as follows:

Exotic effect wah > Crest audio era fuzz face > Rockbox Boiling point > Chase bliss audio Wombtone mk2 > EH Pitchfork > Dr. Scientist Comichorus > Toneczar & Angel baby > Fulltone Supa-trem > Red Panda Context > Earthquaker Devices Afterneth > TC ditto looper X2


With this setup my fuzz is generally always on as well as the Echoczar. I keep the mix low on the delay and ride the volume on my guitars hard for different dirty sounds. I use modulated effects sparingly and as tasteful as I can. For harmonies and doubled parts The Pitchfork is perfect. I use the delays and reverbs constantly.

That said this board can lay down some serious ambient sounds as well as straight forward rock tones. I mostly play it with a 1968 50w Marshall and a 66 Deluxe Reverb amp.
Here are some recent recordings made with this board and a few other effects.

Done by me and my band THE OUTERLOOP!

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  • Mark


    Hi Bob, you got an amazing pedalboard right there. I’m looking into getting my first trem and I’m thinking of having a FullTone Supa Trem as well. The only review I could find was this so I’d love to here your opinion as well. Is it still your go-to trem until now? If not, is there a new pedal that came out better than Supa Trem? Thanks!

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