Interview with Juan Alderete & Nick Reinhart


It was amazing to talked to pedal people like Juan & Nick at GuitCon. They’ve got experience, knowledge and passion for pedals and musical equipment in general. What I like about them is their not traditional approach to pedal effects. You have to check out their YouTube channel: and website : The InterviewContinue Reading

TonePrint Junkies: OUR STORY


The whole idea of making a community of TonePrint technology users comes from  two extreme pedal nerds Stevan Miljkovic and Marko Jelic. These guys are also known as Pedals Fusion – YouTube channel revolving around the idea of doing demos and sound samples that will not emphasize the how-to aspect of individual pedals but ratherContinue Reading

SUBMARINE pickup | review |


I was always interested in things like “how to play guitar differently”. When my friend showed me The Submarine pickup, I was thrilled … so many possibilities ! Pete Roe is singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist, session player, producer, guitar tech but also the inventor of amazing Submarine pickup. How to use it? It’s simple: Just setContinue Reading