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Who We Are

Pedals Fusion was created out of huge passion for music, fanatical interest and curiosity towards effects pedals, the desire to help musicians create interesting sounds previously unheard of and ultimately – new music.

The concept – active exchange of ideas and experiences in relation to effects pedals with a special emphasis on effect combos. By combining effects we can produce some unexpectedly usable and interesting sounds, if you’re using pedals wisely it is YOU who can change the music. The way our body and mind react to different sounds and sound environments definitely interacts and steers the wheel of creation. Influenced by a certain sound, you can be inspired to write a whole song in a matter of minutes.
In our videos we are using different instruments (like guitar, bass guitar, analog synth, Fender Rhodes piano, organ, accordion, violin etc) in order to present in a way that’s as varied as we can at the moment but also trying to awaken the consciousness about the importance of using effects in a creative way that’s meaningful and song-worthy, in a way. An interesting sound can be a purpose in itself but still, if we can use it to do higher good – we will!

Pedals Fusion was started with these goals in mind – to gather people around these little devices that are influencing our lives more than we realize, to discuss various ways in what different people are using the same well known effects types, to promote intelligent and imaginative pedal combos that people are not using all that often and to hopefully bring brands closer to their consumers via interviews, videos, instructional and how-to content that we are trying to make as high in quality as we can. Some members of the Pedals Fusion team are well versed into pedal building so you can expect us approaching these little gems from that point of view as well, discussing how certain effects are made, pros and cons from a technical standpoint and all that jazz.

Pedal builders are, for aforementioned reasons, especially dear to us. We would like to encourage any of you out there who would like to be presented on our website to contact us and we will gladly do an interview with you and present your work. It is our opinion that building pedals represents the highest form of pedal fusionery because it is those tired people with the soldering iron in their hand that we have to thank for all those hours of fun that we’ve had with pedals, right?! Also, what’s more imaginative and radical than dreaming your own sounds in plain daylight? It’s a very special form of alchemy.

Contact us freely at pedals.fusion@gmail.com and we will do our best to present your work or product and try to use your effects in a way that you never even dreamed of!

Check out our YouTube channel for examples on what we mean by fusing pedals together: Pedals Fusion If you end up liking it and would like to see more, please subscribe, your support means a lot, and will push us even harder ahead!


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