Invasion of Pitch Shifters


Effect like a pitch shifter can easily sound weird, but also useful & very exciting. You can create melody,  add some space fx or unexpected sounds to your song if you use it with “your head”. They are not just a “plug ‘n play” pedals, but real fun will start when you learn how toContinue Reading

Troy Trahan


My name is Troy. I have served on a worship team in Flint, Michigan since 2010. Prior to 2010 and before giving my life to Jesus Christ, I primarily played in blues and R&B bands around the greater Flint area. I am involved in a couple of other areas musically as well. I launched aContinue Reading

Chase Bliss Audio GRAVITAS | review |


My first impression: “Wow, that sound ! Best analog tremolo I‘ve ever heard.” Joel Corte from the Chase Bliss Audio is one of the best pedal builders of today without any doubt. Modern pedal in standard sized enclosure, possibility to save 2 presets, tap tempo, MIDI control, EXP control, dip switches on the fly…DIGITAL BRAIN,ANALOGContinue Reading