Michael Moschos


I use this rig when playing live or recording with my band pulse. (facebook.com/pulsedot) and writing music at home. I didn’t want to have everything I could (as on some of my previous boards), but I wanted to have the best pedals I could get for the sounds I had in my mind.   My board is aContinue Reading

Little Minty Buzzbox


The “Little Minty Buzzbox” Well basically I have been doing all my own gear repairs for many years. Over the last 2 years I’ve dabbled in modding some pedals. I started with a ts9 tube screamer. The first mod I tried was to change the curciut to 808 specs. 2 resistors, pretty simple. Then IContinue Reading

Casper Rossing


My name is Casper and I have a post-rock / ambient solo project called Dotlights. I released my debut EP last year and am currently writing and recording new stuff for my second EP, which I hope to release this fall. My pedalboard is the result of trying a lot of different stuff (especially delays)Continue Reading

Nolan Soltvedt


My name is Nolan Soltvedt and I serve as a church worship leader in Minneapolis and also have a pop/americana-influenced solo project under the name Nolan John. Two years ago, I released my debut solo EP called City Lights. After years of trying various pedals, I’ve arrived at this setup. My always-on pedal is theContinue Reading