Francesco Coccia


Hi! I am DrPlexi, guitarist of Italian Chili Peppers: Italian Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute Band (   My inspiration is obviously John Frusciante and I think I have found a good way to recreate his amazing sound. John uses an Ibanez Wha WH-10 but I definitely prefer the VOX V-847. The holy grail isContinue Reading

TonePrint Junkies | NEW video series |


Thanks to our parter TC ELECTRONIC, we’re starting with a new video series : Concept for those videos is logical: using TonePrint technology & combining TC Electronic pedals, Pedals Fusion will present “deep & wide possibilities”of TP technology through creations of new, interesting & useful sounds. Later on we will add some other pedal brandsContinue Reading

Dan Minner – pedalboard

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Dan Minner – “Thanks for asking me to post a pic of my board. It has gotten a bigger response that I imagined, especially considering that with the exception of a volume pedal, my board consists entirely of DIY pedals.” “All of these were built as collaborative efforts.  I do all the design work, external parts sourcing, andContinue Reading

Brian Raleigh


Heya pedal nerds! My name is Brian Raleigh and I play guitar and sing in a band from Detroit called Porchsleeper. Up until a couple of years ago, my rig would have made Malcolm Young look like J. Mascis. Telecaster > Tuner (maybe) > amp. My hi-gain pedal was my volume knob. Easy peasy. Then,Continue Reading