Coffee & Riffs – Nick Reinhart episode


Great improvisations, a bunch of cool pedals & pure passion…yeah, I talking about “Coffee & Riffs” videos. Who doesn’t love them ?! Brady Smith is “the man” behind that project, bringing us very interesting guests.This time it’s Nick Reinhart with his crazy, chaotic &  ingenious music. Why is this episode so interesting to us ?Continue Reading

Ricardo Tonon & his 2 pedalboards


Hello I’m Ricardo Tonon from Brazil – Sao Paulo My band – Overtone – (gospel rock music) Pedalboard #1 MOOER ABY – TC Electronic Polytune 2 mini – RMC wah – XOTIC EP booster –  – Timmy OD – Rockbox Boiling Point OD – Bogner Burnley distortion – Ernie Ball Volume T1M – STRYMON FlintContinue Reading

Custom Pedal Boards #3


From our friends at Custom Pedal Boards: My Bloos Mood Board. Decided to keep it simple, no loop switcher just a few choice fx. As is the way of these things I got a bit carried away and ended up squeezing in more effects than I planned. But man it sounds so goooooood! 🙂 StartedContinue Reading

No guitar, just pedals…sound manipulation

Bond5 negative

Have you ever tried playing your effects without an instrument,  using only your hands ? I’m not talking about those valiant noise makers, no, this is what I mean by that: Here we have a very talented guy named Evert Zeevalkink , a great musician. A couple of words from this video’s description: “Warning: no guitars wereContinue Reading