Brian Cameron of Reluctant Saints


This board belongs to Brian Cameron of Reluctant Saints. It’s a Brady cases board, riding in a Georgia cases road case with *thank goodness* luggage wheels. The palette of tones is pretty limitless here, and at the touch of a button everything can change. Easy to modify,  and instant changes from ambient to metal orContinue Reading

After Osmosis pedalboard


I just ran across your site and thought I’d submit my board.  I play for a few different acts and do studio work, but my main focus right now is my post-rock project “After Osmosis“. Here’s the board I’m currently using. Signal chain is Polytune – Mobius (pre/post) – Smallsound/Bigsound Mini – MojoHandFX Rook –Continue Reading

Dalton Robason


I play lead for a few different churches and groups. I base a lot of my playing off of Timon Klein and Nigel Droff of hillsong. I keep my sound pretty clean and I have my OD’s set with a tight crisp sound. I try to be creative with my STRYMON Bigsky and BOSS DD-20.Continue Reading

Casio Fatso

FullSizeRender mala

Hi I´m in the band Casio Fatso Here is my submission for the ,,Your Pedals” I use a Pedaltrain 3 hardcase and I power it up with a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital. The core of the board is the Joyo PXL8 which enables me to program different scenes so that I canContinue Reading